Shanghai Qianyi Successfully Developed OPGW Optical Unit Forming Welding Production Line

In recent years, with the rapid development of the communications industry, the market demand for OPGW (optical fiber composite overhead ground wire) has increased day by day. The domestic corresponding equipment manufacture development is relatively lagging, and foreign imports of OPGW optical unit forming welding production equipment is expensive with high maintenance cost which indirectly increased the production cost of enterprises. Shanghai Qianyi Optical Fiber And Cable Equipment Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Qianyi”) grasped the market opportunity timely and developed a new type of OPGW optical unit forming welding production line in the basic of the existing information of the OPGW optical unit forming welding manufacturing equipment. The configuration structure of the production line was further optimized with lower cost and improved the efficiency of the user companies. Shanghai Qianyi also became one of the few companies in China that has such equipment manufacturing capabilities.

The entire project lasted more than one year from its establishment to its successful development. During the project, the difficulty of the project came one after another. However, the technicians who participated in this project did not have a dismay, but they managed to overcome one by one.Guo-qing Chen, general manager of Shanghai Qianyi, warned the company's technical staff: “the equipment should be made of high-quality products, every structure and parameter can not be vague and careless. If you have reduced the requirements for the equipment today, you will be eliminated by the market tomorrow. In every detail of product development, technicians strictly follow the spirit of excellence to ensure that high-quality manufacturing equipment is delivered to customers.