Keeping Quality First to Build the Brand, Keeping Faith to Cast the Future. —— The record of Shanghai Qianyi Optical Fiber And Cable Equipment Co., Ltd. and its Leader Chen Guoqing.

The Phoenix Nirvana, reborn

Xiaokunshan Town, located in the northwest of Shanghai's roots Songjiang District, is adjacent to the A30 National Highway to the east and is close to the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway in the south. It has a long history, beautiful environment and abundant products. Shanghai Qianyi Optical Fiber and Cable Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in this convenient, rich and fertile land. Into the company, two modern factories came into view. Compared with a small business like a small workshop more than a decade ago, today's Qianyi is a phoenix and a rebirth. Unlike many companies born in the sweet time, Qianyi can be described as untimely. In 2000, the Internet bubble engulfed the world as a plague. The city gate caught fire and caught fish. The optical communications industry is also deeply affected by the Internet bubble, and it has entered the downturn. The optical fiber and cable industry and equipment manufacturing industry have stagnated, and the industry reshuffling drama is constantly being staged. Optical fiber and cable manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and material manufacturers have started to shrink. A group of companies has fallen and disappeared in the world of optical communications. Involving in communications equipment manufacturing in such a large environment is tantamount to finding death. However, Qianyi was born in Beiqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai in 2004 under the prevailing environment of this industry.

Speaking of the Qianyi, we have to mention Chen Guoqing, the general manager of the company. Chen Guoqing is a truly northerly man, a steady, heavy man. He does not like to bluff and does not like to talk about it. Although he does not have the ambition to monopolize the world, he has set an extraordinary performance with practical work style.

In 1990, Chen Guoqing was assigned to work in the instrument room of the 8th Research Institute (abbreviated as 8 institute). Afterwards, Chen Guoqing, who was very fond of the equipment, entered workshops and worked for three years. In 1994, Chen Guoqing walked out of 8 Institute  and moved to Shanghai Changhua. In 2003, Changhua was forced to switch production due to various factors. There are two choices he facing at this time, one is to step out of Changhua, and the other is to stay at Changhua after changing jobs.

Young talented people, with aspirations for prosperity; Chen Guoqing, who was unwilling to be arrested by fate, was determined to go out and make a vision of his own career. As a result, Qianyi was born in 2004 in Beiqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai.

Qianyi, easy to remember, catchy. Regarding the meaning of Qianyi, some people say that it complete one hundred billion dollars in sales. Chen Guoqing frankly stated that the outside world has misinterpreted the meaning of the Qianyi. Qianyi means that despite all the hardships, it is always going forward. This is a true reflection of the downturn in the industry as a whole, and also reflect the ambition and courage of Qianyi people who are confident to go out of woods.

The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides,we are conquering its summit. The newly established Qianyi lacked funds, talents and factory buildings, and the entire industry is in a relatively low phase. It is very difficult for company to get the order, and survival has been a huge challenge. It can be described as difficult and even at any time facing the danger of premature death. Since we have chosen a distant place, we have only had to endure the storm. Persistent Chen Guoqing was not scared by the market downturn, but led the team to survive in the cracks. In the face of setbacks and difficulties, Qianyi people firmly believe that as long as the mind is not going downhill, there are always more ways than problems. In the end, under the leadership of Chen Guoqing, Qianyi people found a way to survive: to provide assembly and commissioning service to a foreign enterprise for three years. These three years are precious for Chen Guoqing and Qianyi. After three years of training, Chen Guoqing learned the experience of management and operation of foreign-funded enterprises, laying the foundation for the rapid development of the Qianyi.

From the second half of 2007 to the beginning of 2008, a global financial crisis spread across the world. This fierce financial crisis has spread ferociously and has caused extensive losses, which have caused major losses to the global economy. China has also fallen into the low point of economic development. We believe that the communications equipment manufacturing industry, which will be greatly affected by the financial crisis, has ushered in the spring. A group of communications equipment manufacturing companies have grown up vigorously. This includes the Qianyi, and it was at this time that the focus of production shifted to the manufacture of optical fiber and cable equipment. After 2008,  Qianyi entered a period of rapid development. It was like a horse that broke the shackles and galloped on this vast land of equipment manufacturing. It grew from an obscure small business to an industry-renowned optical fiber and cable equipment.

In the past, Qianyi only made components and transformations for some equipment companies. Today, Qianyi dedicated to the production, R&D, and manufacture of complete sets of equipment for optical fiber and cable. At the same time, it can also provide customers with through-train service of design, processing, assembly, commissioning and after-sale service. Products include high-speed optical fiber coloring and rewinding machine,  optical ribbon machine, optical fiber proof-testing and rewinding machine, optical fiber secondary coating  production lines, cable SZ stranding production lines, 65/90 cable sheathing production lines, FTTH optical cable production lines, a full range of indoor optical cable production lines and OPGW optical fiber stainless steel welded pipe production lines. Over the past 12 years since its establishment, the company has provided more than 400 sets of equipment to domestic companies. In addition, the products are also exported to Thailand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries and regions. Due to the excellent equipment quality and stable and reliable performance, it has been widely praised and approved by users. 

In 2015, Qianyi moved to a new site from Beiqiao Town, Minhang District to Xiaokunshan Town, Songjiang District. Modern production workshops and office buildings give a new look to Qianyi, and visitors from home and abroad often praise them. If Qianyi ten years ago was just a small sapling, today's Qianyi has already grown. No company can be plain sailing in the process of development. Whoever can survive in the most difficult time, who will be able to complete the gorgeous transformation, as Qianyi.

Quality is Paramount and excellence is always sought

The camel can be crushed by a straw, which is a well-known proposition. For the company, there are many straws that can make it crash, but the most deadly is the product quality. The importance of product quality is self-evident, for the enterprise, product quality is the lifeline, which is the cornerstone for survival and development. The quality of the product determines the brand's reputation, determines the customer's loyalty, and determines the company’s life and death. No matter what the moment, it is empty talk to talk about brand quality, development, and competition.

Qianyi people know the importance of quality for optical fiber and cable equipment manufacturing companies, so when building products, we always adhere to the principles of quality first and excellence. The work does not require how fast it is to be done, but it is to pursue good work on the handle, step by step, and ensure product quality. Today, Qianyi people have adopted this concept as a standard for doing things. Over time, a Qianyi culture of supreme quality and excellence is formed.

In order to create high-quality products, Qianyi set a first-class work standard for its employees and required them to strictly follow the equipment operation procedures, quality standards and process procedures during the production process. In addition, Qianyi people also regard "details make a difference" as a motto. To integrate this concept into production is the pursuit of excellence. As large as complete sets of optical fiber and cable equipment, small to components, Qianyi people are meticulously crafted, and strive to create high-quality products for customers.

The wine is also afraid of the deep alley. Propaganda has become an important means for companies to increase their visibility and win the market. However, for Qianyi propaganda was not the top priority in the development of the twelve years, but it focused on efforts to improve product quality. In this regard, Chen Guoqing has his own understanding of how much he has to do and how much he can do. He is not asking for the number of orders he has to take, instead, he should do a good job in the pursuit of certainty, step by step, ensure product quality, and win good reputation from customers. Good and bad is not our own, but it is for the customer to evaluate. This is the principle I have always insisted on.

Today, for Qianyi, For chiyi, the product is not out of question is the lowest quality standard; Excellence is the goal of product quality. In terms of product creation, Qianyi strictly controls quality and aims to achieve in-depth customer focus, and constantly improves product design and production to meet the needs of current and potential consumers.

Reputation is the core competitiveness of optical fiber and cable equipment manufacturing companies, and product quality and service are the cornerstones of establishing reputation. To get a good reputation in the industry is not a simple matter, first of all, there must be excellent quality products, followed by quality after-sales service. Both of them have won a good reputation for enterprises and set up a good corporate image. This kind of reputation is passed on from mouth to mouth. In the words of Qianyi people, our reputation is not blown out, but said by customers themselves.

We must be responsible for the optical fiber and cable factories, We cannot be shoddy, or we will not only harm the customers, but also harm ourselves. Only by making the best quality of the products can we be truly responsible to the customers and ourselves. In the past 12 years, Qianyi people have used such a serious and responsible attitude to control the quality of products. Product that is character, practical and hardworking Qianyi people  bear live for a long time research and development of lonely, can stand the lure of financial gain, Make it a conscious choice to grind a sword for ten years and do one thing for life, strive to build Qianyi into a manufacturer of optical fiber and cable equipment with the spirit of artisans.

Small wins by wisdom, big wins by morality

"Book of Changes" has a cloud: The movement of heaven is full of power. thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring. the earth's condition is receptive devotion. thus the superior man who has breadth of character carries the outer world. This shows that a person should have a high moral character, and he must always understand the wisdom of“mall wins by wisdom, big wins by morality”. For enterprises, we should also pay attention to the power of morality. Gathering with interests is a moment, and gathering with morality is a long time. Only morality is the capital that companies can inherit for 100 years.

It is a proposition for Qianyi people to think about what companies depend on to survive and what to win in market competition. The development of enterprises depends on perfect management system, advanced production technology, and superior marketing strategy. However, Qianyi people know that it is hard to grow a company by relying on these alone, and it is only by morality to inject the inexhaustible motivation for its long-term development.

For enterprises, integrity is the basis of virtue。Today is the era of brand economy. Brand is an important guarantee for an enterprise to be invincible in the market competition, and honesty is the foundation for creating a brand. The leaders of Qianyi know that honest management is not an empty slogan but a philosophical business philosophy Leaders are meticulous in their management of business integrity. At the same time, Qianyi people also understands that only serve customers sincerely, always adhere to the integrity, integrity management throughout the operation and management of every link in order to create a good brand reputation for enterprises to lay a solid foundation.

In Qianyi, we can see the shadow of integrity all the time. The first thing you see when you step into the factory is : Efficiency makes the brand, integrity makes the future. The enterprise brochure printed: Doing business is rooted in integrity, hard shoulder load morality and justice. In Qianyi, integrity is a morality. Since ancient times, integrity is an important evaluation indicator of human social activities. Today, integrity has become the basis of the company. Only enterprises that take integrity as their motto can usher in long-term development. Over the past 12 years, no matter how much we have gone through, Qianyi people have never shaken the concept of a trustworthy enterprise.

For enterprises, the biggest integrity is to ensure product quality.   The strict demand for product quality and continuous improvement is the embodiment of qianyi integrity management. In addition, Qianyi’s integrity is also reflected in the customer equally.

In this bustling and boisterous world, all are pursuing their own interest. Some enterprises have implemented several levels of management on customers. They have divided customers into several levels, formulated different sales strategies, and even provided different products. In Qianyi, this practice of treating customers differently does not exist.

Whether it is a large customer or a small customer, Qianyi will treat equally, the products provided are all the same and there is no distinction between superior and inferior. It is precisely because of this approach that Qian Yi is well received in the industry. 

A good culture will bring long-lasting vitality to the company, and the morality culture has been integrated into the bones of Qianyi people. The optical fiber and cable equipment manufacturing industry should use morality to build business and establish a brand. This is the business philosophy of Chen Guoqing and also the business philosophy of Qianyi. In the past 12 years, Qianyi people have been attracting customers both at home and abroad with their own diligence and sweat. Today, Qianyi people still insist on the integrity of the world, and strive for the long-term development.

In the "Book of Rites," it is said that if you are morality, you will get. Facing the market and consumers with morality, whether or not they have a utilitarian purpose, in the long run, it will certainly bring good returns. It is short-sighted for an enterprise to focus solely on the pursuit of profits. If an enterprise look simple on the pursuit of profit is short-sighted, a truly great enterprise must light the lamp of its own soul and build strong vitality, combat effectiveness and competitiveness with virtue.

Benefit to management

To develop the enterprise, it must be effective for management. When it comes to management, the two most common management methods are humanistic management and institutionalized management. Human-oriented management is a management model based on personal emotions and relationships. Its characteristics are based on sentiment. Institutionalized management pays attention to the sound rules and regulations of all departments, and there are institutional constraints everywhere in the management.

In terms of management, the management team of Qianyi has its own understanding. In their view, all cold institutionalized management is not as effective as humanistic management. Team management is to really treat people and stay in the love of brothers and sisters. This is the most typical management features of Qianyi, forming a unique human-based management model. Humane management has benefited a lot in the future. The entire company is like a big family. The relationship is harmonious and enjoyable. At the same time, this type of management unites the employees closely, and everyone will integrate full enthusiasm into their work.

The strong affection in Qianyi makes employees very loyal to the enterprise, this point has been perfectly reflected in the company's new location. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the company, the factory buildings of Beiqiao Town in Minhang District can no longer meet the development needs of Qianyi, and the expansion of the new plant is imminent. After inspection, the leadership team led by Chen Guoqing decided to relocate the company to Xiaokunshan Town, Songjiang District. Although it is a good thing for companies to move to new locations, the leadership team also has deep concerns. They fear that many employees will leave due to the relocation of their companies, and that the hard-working team may face the danger of rebuilding. However, what was surprising was that almost all of the original troops in the Qianyi had followed. Among all employees, more than half of them are employees who have been at the beginning of their establishment. When you are well mannered, you can make it easy for the people. This is where the human-oriented management model is at work.

This kind of human-oriented management is a reflection of the management model of Qianyi people. In fact, the human-based management philosophy of Qianyi is permeated in every aspect of talent management, team building, and pragmatic culture.

In the 21st century, the greatest asset of an enterprise is not money, not advanced equipment, not technology, but talent, only talent is the real source of prosperity and prosperity of an enterprise. For enterprises, talent is the first resource, the first capital and the first motivation. Those who have mastered the cutting-edge talents can gain the initiative in the competition. In today's global economic integration, the issue of talent has even been referred to the vital status of the company. In talent management, Qianyi has always done a better job. In terms of talent, Qianyi has always pursued its own principles of cultivation. In the course of development in the past twelve years, technicians and commissioning personnel have been basically trained step by step. For a long time, the company has cultivated a group of technical backbones, specializing in R&D and design of special equipment for optical fiber and cable, and they have played an indelible role in the development of Qianyi. In addition, Qianyi also created a fair competitive environment for its employees. A bowl of water is evenly balanced. As long as they have the ability, they can find a place to use them in the future.

 A drop of water can never be dried up when it is put into the sea. A person can be the most powerful only when he is integrated with the collective. Qianyi people attach great importance to team building. The leaders of qianyi always warn their employees that you are part of a large family. They must actively participate in the production and activities of the company; every Qianyi employees must have the spirit of dedication and allows this spirit of devotion to bloom on the land of the Qianyi. Collaborative cooperation is the foundation for the success of all undertakings and is an important guarantee for an invincible position. The building of team spirit has enabled Qianyi people to unite closely and provide a solid guarantee for the growth of Qianyi.

The uniqueness of qianyi management also lies in building a pragmatic corporate culture. The practicality of Qianyi people is reflected in being honest and practical. At the door of the meeting room on the second floor of qianyi: attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure. In terms of specific requirements, qianyi requires employees to be diligent, honest, open-minded and serious. Sharp edge of a sword comes out from grinding, and plum blossom's fragrance comes from the bitter cold. Under the guidance of practical culture, Qianyi people will make a step by step, cut through all difficulties, and finally realize a qualitative leap in the development of Qianyi. Good management is the driving force for enterprises to develop for a long time. It not only enables enterprises to obtain the maximum benefits with the minimum cost, but also improves production efficiency and work efficiency. In the present commercial society, only by good management can enterprises meet the source of internal motivation and external energy and gain development space in the market competition. Qianyican achieve today's results, the outstanding people-oriented management model is indispensable.



In the past 12 years, Shanghai Qianyi has been adhering to the efficiency of the success of the brand, the integrity of the future of the business philosophy, adhere to the same creators, shared business creed, quality and service to create value for customers approach. Twelve years of deep industry, today's Shanghai Qianyi has a place in the optical fiber and cable equipment manufacturing industry. In the future, Shanghai Qianyi will continue to ride the wind and waves under the leadership of the head of Chen Guoqing, continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, provide customers with more quality and efficient products, and contribute to the development of optical fiber and cable industry.