The U.S. government wants to restrict Chinese companies from selling telecommunications equipment in the United States

A few days ago, according to two industry sources, the trump administration, citing national security concerns, is preparing an order to restrict the sale of telecommunications equipment by some Chinese companies in the us. The move is likely to target Huawei and ZTE and limit their operations in the US. This move is likely to target Huawei and ZTE, limiting their business in the United States.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Actively promote "Top Ten Key Equipment on Cloud”

Recently, the ministry of industry and information technology held a seminar on the " industrial Internet platform construction and extension project implementation guide" in Beijing.

Shanghai Qianyi Successfully Developed a New Generation of Φ30 Graphite Furnace and Control System

Recently, the Φ30 graphite furnace and control system which was self – developed by Shanghai Qianyi Optical Fiber And Cable Equipment. Co., Ltd. Has been assembled and completed the in-plant debugging with expected adjustment results. The equipment is about to be delivered for use.

Shanghai Qianyi Successfully Developed OPGW Optical Unit Forming Welding Production Line

In recent years, with the rapid development of the communications industry, the market demand for OPGW (optical fiber composite overhead ground wire) has increased day by day.